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DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of absolute fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal.

With Selena Gomez.

by Noopster.

– INTERVIEWER: …and cut. Great! I think we got the 73 regular questions, Selena. You ready for the next part?

– SELENA: Yes, I can’t wait!

– INTERVIEWER: Awesome. Now, just like we discussed before, I’m gonna ask you some more questions as you go around the house, but this time you have to give the viewers a really good show. You know what I mean?

– SELENA: Oh yeah. Don’t worry; I’ve seen enough posts about me on the internet… I think I know what my fans want to see.

– INTERVIEWER: Great. And, not to put any more pressure on you, but remember, you will be the first celebrity in Vogue’s new porn division so, if this video turns out great, it could be huge for both you and the magazine.

– SELENA: Yes, I’m so honored and thankful for the opportunity!

– INTERVIEWER: Ok then, here we go.

(Interviewer and cameraman exit the house and close the front door behind them. Interviewer gives the signal to start recording again and rings the door. Selena opens the door and smiles at the two men.)

– INTERVIEWER: Hello again, Selena. Are you ready for Vogue Porn’s questions?

– SELENA: I am. Let’s do this!

(The words VOGUE PORN come on screen in big letters. Camera follows Selena inside the house, focusing on her ass. She exaggerates the sway of her hips as she walks to the kitchen.)

– INTERVIEWER: So first… Are you a virgin?

– SELENA: Heh, no. I’m not.

– INTERVIEWER: When did you lose your virginity?

– SELENA: When I was 16.

– INTERVIEWER: And who did you lose it to?

– SELENA: A Disney executive. I don’t remember his name.

(Selena bends over the kitchen bar. The cleavage of her blouse is loose and the camera zooms in on a downblouse shot of her breasts).

– INTERVIEWER: How old was he?

– SELENA: Umm, probably in his 40s.

– INTERVIEWER: Is he the oldest person you’ve been with?

– SELENA: Yes.

(Selena looks down at her blouse, realizes she’s not showing enough and pulls down her blouse until the beginning of her aureolas is slightly visible.)

– INTERVIEWER: Did it hurt?

– SELENA: Yes, a lot.

– INTERVIEWER: So you didn’t like it?

– SELENA: Not at first but after a few minutes I started to enjoy it.

– INTERVIEWER: Did you give him oral sex?

– SELENA: I did, eventually. But not that first time, no.

– INTERVIEWER: Where did he finish?

– SELENA: He started cumming in my pussy but he pulled out and managed to shoot it on my face too.

– INTERVIEWER: And did you get the job?

– SELENA: It’s why I’m here!

(Selena smiles and winks at the camera, walks to the bedroom.)

– INTERVIEWER: What would you be doing right now If we weren’t here?

– SELENA: Probably watching porn.

– INTERVIEWER: What kind of porn do you like?

– SELENA: Anything interracial.

(They reach the bedroom.)

– INTERVIEWER: Who’s you favorite pornstar?

– SELENA: Riley Reid.

(Selena sits on the bed.)

– INTERVIEWER: On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a prude and 10 being a complete whore. How slutty are you?

– SELENA: Probably an 8.

– INTERVIEWER: Are you wearing a bra?

– SELENA: Pff, never!

– INTERVIEWER: How about panties?

– SELENA: Yes.

– INTERVIEWER: What kind?

– SELENA: A red thong.

(Selena unzips her pants and lets them fall on the floor. She stands up and shows her underwear to the camera, then turns around and shows her ass.)

– INTERVIEWER: Do you always wear panties when you go out?

– SELENA: Most of the time, because of the paparazzi. But if I’m going on a date and I really like the person… I’ve been known to put on a short skirt and no panties, sure.

– INTERVIEWER: Do you like men, women or both?

-SELENA: I’m bisexual, but I prefer men.

– INTERVIEWER: What do you like most about your body?

– SELENA: My boobs.

(She lifts her blouse over her neck and proudly flashes the camera.)

– INTERVIEWER: And what body parts do you like the most in other people?

– SELENA: In women… their legs. In men… their cocks.

– INTERVIEWER: How many men have you had sex with?

– SELENA: Umm, like 10 or 11. Maybe more…

– INTERVIEWER: You’re not sure?

– SELENA: Not really. I used to do some heavy partying and my memory is a little hazy.

(She laughs and takes off her blouse, then throws it at the camera. The lens is blocked for a moment. When the blouse falls to the floor the camera sees Selena going into a walking closet.)

– INTERVIEWER: And how many women have you had sex with?

– SELENA: Oh, too many to count.

(Camera follows and catches Selena bent over taking off her thong.)

– INTERVIEWER: Have you ever been in a three way?

– SELENA: Yes.

(The cameraman walks to her, zooming in on her cute ass and grabs it. Selena giggles and slaps off the hand.)

– INTERVIEWER: What kind of three way?

– SELENA: Umm, guy and girl a couple of times but mostly me with two guys.

– INTERVIEWER: Never with two girls?

– SELENA: Nope. If it’s gonna be a group thing there needs to be some cocks involved, y’know?

(She puts on a tiny bikini and sunglasses and walks out of the closet. Camera follows her to the backyard.)

– INTERVIEWER: How often do you masturbate?

– SELENA: Like, once a day. More if I have the day off.

(She sits on a lounge chair in the middle of the patio, leans back and stretches as the camera pans up and down her body.)

– INTERVIEWER: Do you like to masturbate here in the patio?

– SELENA: Sometimes…

(Selena pulls her bikini aside and runs her finger up and down her slit a few times as the shot zooms in on her shaved pussy.)

– INTERVIEWER: Have you masturbated in public?

– SELENA: Sure.


– SELENA: I do it in the car a lot when I’m stuck in traffic. You know how L.A.’s traffic gets.

(Cameraman’s hand reaches for her pussy and she slaps it off again. She readjusts her bikini and starts rubbing lotion on her legs.)

– INTERVIEWER: Anywhere else?

– SELENA: Sometimes I do it at the movie theater if a hot scene really turns me on. Could you give me a hand with the back?

(Selena turns and lies face down. She rests her head on a cushion and unties the back strap of her top. Cameraman walks around her getting a good shot of her bottom while the interviewer rubs lotion on her back.)

– INTERVIEWER: Have you ever been caught?

-SELENA: A couple of times, but that just makes it hotter for me. If I’m stuck in traffic and I see the guy in the car next to mine watching me… it makes me cum right away.

(She unties the straps of her bikini bottom and the interviewer rubs lotion on her ass.)

– SELENA: Mmm, that feels good.

– INTERVIEWER: Have you had anal sex?

(Interviewer spreads apart her ass cheeks. Camera zooms in on her pink asshole.)

– SELENA: Just one time.

– INTERVIEWER: You didn’t like it?

– SELENA: He was too big for me and it was too uncomfortable. But I do enjoy a finger or something small up there.

(Interviewer lubes her asshole with lotion, then pushes the tip of his finger inside.)

– SELENA: Oh yeah, just like that.

– INTERVIEWER: What do you mean with “something small like that”?

– SELENA: I like butt plugs. I have a cute little pink one with hello kitty on it. That one’s my favorite.

(Interviewer pushes all the way in and starts fingering her ass)

– INTERVIEWER: So you like sex toys?

– SELENA: Oh yes, I love them.

– INTERVIEWER: What kind of toys?

– SELENA: Depends of what I’m in the mood for. I’ve got tons of them. Wanna see them?

(Interviewer pulls finger out. She ties back her bikini, gets up and starts walking back to the bedroom.)

– INTERVIEWER: Do you prefer dildos or vibrators?

-SELENA: Dildos. And big ones.

– INTERVIEWER: What other kinds of toys?

– SELENA: Well, as you can see…

(Selena sits on the bed and opens the top drawer of her night table to show off her collection.)

– SELENA: Besides my collection of dildos I also have a strap-on, a ball gag, a few anal beads…

– INTERVIEWER: Wich one is your favorite?

– SELENA: Umm, probably this glass dildo with swells.

(She takes it out of the drawer and starts licking it for the camera.)

– INTERVIEWER: Is that the butt plug you were telling us about?

– SELENA: That’s the one!

(She takes it out of the drawer and puts it in her mouth.)

– INTERVIEWER: Are you gonna use it right now?

– SELENA: If that’s ok with you…

– INTERVIEWER: I don’t mind.

(Selena turns around and the shot zooms in on her butt as she takes off her bikini bottom.. She positions the pink buttplug covered in saliva on her anus and starts pushing it in. The shot zooms in more to get a close up of her asshole slowly widening around the toy. Selena lets out a long sigh and the whole thing is swallowed into her rectum.)

– SELENA: Oh! I almost forgot, I recently got a sybian and I absolutely love it!

– INTERVIEWER: Can you give us a demonstration?

– SELENA: Gladly!

(Selena walks to the closet and takes out the sybian. She looks at the different attachments still in the box trying to decide which one to use.)

– INTERVIEWER: So what turns you on the most?

– SELENA: Umm, I think being watched. I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist.

– INTERVIEWER: Give us an example.

– SELENA: Like… thinking about strangers jerking off to me. That gets me really horny.

(She attaches a small silicone dildo to the machine and straddles the saddle.)

– INTERVIEWER: – What is your favourite position?

– SELENA: Probably… reverse cowgirl.


– SELENA: Because I like to be on top and it feels bigger inside me.

(Selena sighs as the dildo slides into her.)

– INTERVIEWER: Weirdest place where you’ve had sex?

– SELENA: Unnf! …The runway after the Victoria’s Secrets show.

(Interviewer grabs the sybian control and turns it on. The machine starts buzzing. Selena starts steadily swaying back and forth.)

– INTERVIEWER: With who?

– SELENA: Jo Skriver.

– INTERVIEWER: Why on the runway?

– SELENA: It started when I was singing up there. She looked really hot in that sexy cop outfit…

(Interviewer turns the knob, increasing speed. Selena’s breath gets more shallow, she closes her eyes.)

– SELENA: Oh yeah, that’s awesome. What was I saying? …oh, right. When she walked past me I just had to— mmm! –slap her ass. I couldn’t help myself, I… ahh! …just had to touch it, you know?

– INTERVIEWER: And then what happened?

(He increases speed a little more. Selena bites her lip as she continues her story.)

– SELENA: After the show I heard that—aaah! …that she was looking for me and I found her right there on the runway. Everyone else had left. We—mmmmmmm!!! … just started making out there and… Oh fuck! …before I knew it we were naked on the cold runway floor. I even got to eat her ass. Aaah!

(The Interviewer turns the knob further. Selena’s moans gets louder. Her chest heaves like her heart is trying to escape.)

– INTERVIEWER: What other famous people have you fucked?

– SELENA: Mmm! …Male of female?

– INTERVIEWER: Male first.

– SELENA: Well, Justin and Abel, obviously.

– INTERVIEWER: The Weekend?

– SELENA: Yeah… Ungh! ooohhh!

– INTERVIEWER: Who else?

– SELENA: Mmmph! Brad Pitt… ahh, ahh! …Orlando Bloom–

– INTERVIEWER: So the Orlando thing wasn’t just a rumour?

– SELENA: It was just a one time… thing—aaahhhh!!!

– INTERVIEWER: Who else is on the list?

(Selena starts shaking. She grinds her pussy against the saddle and struggles to answer.)

– SELENA: The— mmm! …the Jonas brothers.

– INTERVIEWER: Which ones?

– SELENA: Ungh, ungh, …all of them.

– INTERVIEWER: At the same time?

– SELENA: Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yes!

– INTERVIEWER: How did that happen?

(She closes her eyes. Her grip on the machine becomes stronger)

– SELENA: Nnnngh! …I was at a party at Nick’s house, I was dating him– Mmmph! They got me drunk enough and—mmmph! …when everyone left they threw me on the bed and fucked me.

– INTERVIEWER: How was it?

– SELENA: Incredible. They took turns… ooh! –finishing inside me. That was kind of their thing. I– AAHHHHH!!!

(Selena squeezes her tits and moans as she orgasms.)

– SELENA: Oh God… it was an incredible feeling.

(She takes a second to recover. Gets up and walks to the bathroom.)

– INTERVIEWER: What about famous women?

– SELENA: Oh that’s a really long list.

– INTERVIEWER: Who was first?

– SELENA: Demi. Demi Lovato.

(She takes off her top and walks into the shower stall)

– INTERVIEWER: How old were you?

– SELENA: 14 when we started making out and stuff. I had just turned 15 the first time I went down on her.

– INTERVIEWER: Who else?

– SELENA: Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, I already mentioned Josephine… also Kendall and Kylie Jenner… Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr…

– INTERVIEWER: Same night as Orlando?

– SELENA: Yes, they were still married back then. He fucked me from behind while I ate Miranda’s pussy.


(Selena turns the shower knob, hot water drenches her body.)

– SELENA: Gigi Hadid, Camila Cabello, Miley Cyrus, though I’m not proud of that one… umm, well, Cara Delevigne, we actually dated for one whole summer.

– INTERVIEWER: Is that your only serious relationship with a girl?

– SELENA: I guess so. Demi and I always had something going on, you know? But it was never a formal thing.

– INTERVIEWER: What about fuck buddies?

– SELENA: That would be Vanessa. She’s always there when I need a good orgasm.

(Steam starts covering the lens while Selena soaps up)

– INTERVIEWER: Tell me a celebrity you’d like to fuck.

– SELENA: Probably… Lily Collins.

– INTERVIEWER: Why haven’t you?

– SELENA: She’s really shy.

– INTERVIEWER: What is the biggest cock you’ve ever had?

– SELENA: I guess it was about 10 inches or so…

– INTERVIEWER: Did you take it all?

– SELENA: I tried but it was just too big.

– INTERVIEWER: What did you do?

– SELENA: I let the guy fuck my mouth and cum in my throat.

(She steps out of the shower, grabs a hair dryer and turns it on.)

– INTERVIEWER: So you deep throat?

– SELENA: Yes. I love it.

– INTERVIEWER: You spit or swallow?

– SELENA: I don’t mind swallowing but what I really like is spitting it and rubbing it all over me.

– INTERVIEWER: What’s the biggest load you’ve gotten?

– SELENA: Oh, that executive who took my virginity. One time there was so much cum on me and on the floor that it looked like I was kneeling on a pool of it.

– INTERVIEWER: Do you have a preference to how guys finish?

– SELENA: Not particularly. Although if I really like someone I’ll tell him to cum inside me.

– INTERVIEWER: So that’s a yes on creampies?

– SELENA: Of course!

– INTERVIEWER: What about anal creampies?

– SELENA: I’m not really into anal but if a guy just wants to finish in my ass… sure, I’m game.

(She wraps herself in a small towel and leaves the bathroom. Camera follows her to the living room.)

– INTERVIEWER: Have you done double penetration?

– SELENA: Yes, once.

– INTERVIEWER: Why only once?

– SELENA: Because if I’m getting fucked by two guys I’d rather have a cock in my mouth than in my ass.

– INTERVIEWER: Have you gone ass to mouth?

– SELENA: Yes, but only for the ending.

– INTERVIEWER: What do you mean?

– SELENA: If a guy cums in my ass I’ll suck his dick afterwards, but only then.

– INTERVIEWER: What about golden showers?

– SELENA: I’m not really into that.

– INTERVIEWER: So you’ve never had one?

– SELENA: I’m not into it but I’ve been peed on, sure.

– INTERVIEWER: How many times?

– SELENA: A few times when I was starting my career at Disney. Those executives are really into that kinky shit.

– INTERVIEWER: So we’ve established that you like group sex, right?

– SELENA: Yes.

– INTERVIEWER: What’s the biggest orgy you’ve been in?

– SELENA: Umm… 6 guys, 3 girls and me.

– INTERVIEWER: When and where?

– SELENA: On the set of Spring Breakers shooting a party scene in a hotel.

– INTERVIEWER: With Vanessa Hugens and Ashley Benson?

– SELENA: And Rachel. Rachel Korine.

– INTERVIEWER: How did that happen?

– SELENA: The extras were drunk and they started groping us. We were pretty wasted too so… basically, Vanessa took off her top and so did Ashley and before I knew what was happening I was on the floor getting fucked by this blonde frat dude with another guy’s cock in my mouth and well… eventually the girls and the rest of the extras joined us.

– INTERVIEWER: So it’s on film?

– SELENA: Yes. Harmony–

– INTERVIEWER: The director?

– SELENA: Yeah, he filmed the whole thing. We did a lot of kinky shit that didn’t make it into the movie.

– INTERVIEWER: So you have no problem with being recorded during sex?

– SELENA: Well I’m doing this. What do you think?

(She stands up, lets the towel drop.)

– INTERVIEWER: So have you made any sex tapes?

(Interviewer walks up to her, starts playing with her breasts.)

– SELENA: Does this count?

– INTERVIEWER: I guess we’ll find out.

(Selena pulls out the interviewer’s cock and strokes it. He fingers her in return.)

– INTERVIEWER: What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?

– SELENA: Being tied up and fucked by multiple men on live tv.

– INTERVIEWER: So you’re into BDSM?

– SELENA: I like a little humilliation.

– INTERVIEWER: Like what?

– SELENA: Being slapped a little bit, spanks, licking cum off the floor…

(Interviewer turns her around and bends her over the couch. She cries as he spanks her ass.)

– SELENA: Ooh yeah! Do it harder!

(He continues to spank her.)

– INTERVIEWER: So you’re submissive?

– SELENA: Yes, I love taking orders.

– INTERVIEWER: Then suck my dick, bitch.

– SELENA: Yes, sir.

(She gets down on her knees. Interviewer slaps her face with his cock. Selena smiles.)

– INTERVIEWER: Tell us a dirty secret.

– SELENA: It really turns me on when my fans touch me.

(Selena grabs his cock. She starts sucking it.)

– INTERVIEWER: What is dirtiest thing you’ve done?

– SELENA: I ate cum out of Kim Kardashian’s asshole once.

(Cameraman walks over to them, Selena pulls out his dick and starts blowing it. She continues to strokes the other with her free hand.)

– INTERVIEWER: And the craziest thing you’ve done?

– SELENA: When I gave my stepdad a lapdance and stripped in front of his poker buddies.

– INTERVIEWER: Do you want me to fuck you?

– SELENA: Yes. Fuck me.

(She turns around and bends over the couch. Interviewer starts fucking her from behind. She jerks off the cameraman.)

– INTERVIEWER: What is the weirdest thing that’s been in your pussy or your ass?

– SELENA: A– Oh! Fuck! …wiffle ball bat.


– SELENA: My pussy. My ass too tight for that.

(She reaches back and starts playing with her asshole)

– INTERVIEWER: Are you in a relationship right now?

– SELENA: Mmm… yes, I have a boyfriend.

(Interviewer grabs her hair. Fucks her harder.)

– INTERVIEWER: Does he know you’re doing this?

(She closes her eyes and starts moaning and panting as she gets pounded, answering with difficulty)

– SELENA: Ahhh! No but– Mmm! I’d rather ask for– Ahh! …forgiveness than permission.

-INTERVIEWER: Do you cheat on your boyfriend often?

– SELENA: Mmm, yes… yes! yes! I do!– Oh fuuuuck!

– INTERVIEWER: How often?

– SELENA: He’s– ooomph!!! – touring right now so… aahh! aahh! …a lot. Ungh!

– INTERVIEWER: Is he ok with that?

– SELENA: I’m– ahh! ahh! –sure he does the– oomph! –same thing.

(She looks at the camera and runs her tongue over the lenght of the cameraman’s cock)

– INTERVIEWER: Where do you want me to finish?

(His speed increases. Selena’s whole body shakes and rattles with every thrust.)

– SELENA: In– mmm! In me! Please… AAAHHHH! CUM DEEP – AUGH!!!– CUM IN MY PUSSY!!!

(The interviewer holds her hips tight and buries his cock deep in her. She lets go of the cameraman and buries her head and nails in the couch. Her screams are muffled by the cushions as her cunt is filled with warm cum.)

– INTERVIEWER: Did you like that, Selena?

– SELENA: Oh my God, yes. That felt good!

(She sighs as the interviewer pulls out of her and lies back on the couch with her leags spread apart. Her walls are still contracting and the man’s seed starts slowly coming out of her.)

– INTERVIEWER: Want more?

(She scoops up a little bit of semen with her index finger and tastes it.)

– SELENA: Of course!

(Cameraman walks up to her and starts jerking off in front of her face. Selena grabs his dick and helps him finish while pointing it at her face.)

– INTERVIEWER: Are you ready, Selena?

– SELENA: Yes, give it to me. Cum on my face!

(The cameraman grabs her hair and pulls her head back. Selena closes her eyes and one long stream of jizz hits her forehead. Another one lands on her lips and chin. She opens her eyes and smiles as he shoots the last of his thick load over her breasts.)

– SELENA: Mmm! Thank you!

(Selena smiles and starts rubbing the load evenly across her chest with a sweet and almost childish giggle.)

– INTERVIEWER: Thank you for doing Vogue Porn’s Questions, Selena.

-SELENA: My pleasure.

(She snuggles on the couch like she’s about to take a nap. The shot zooms on her cum-splattered face as she blows a kiss to the camera. Camera pulls away and everything goes black. VOGUE PORN appears on screen in big red letters. Video ends.)