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NY Whore – Chapter 9
by Noopster.

“So… are you gonna tell me now or what?” Selena Gomez finally asked, breaking the silence in which Taylor Swift, the tall man and she had been immersed for the last 20 minutes. Taylor kept looking out the window of the S.U.V. at the people crowding the streets, bathed in the colorful lights of Manhattan. Barely acknowledging her friend she replied, “Tell you what?”

“Oh just stop it, Taylor! This isn’t a game for me, you know!”

“Stop what?”

“Playing dumb!

“I’m not! I just don’t see the point in upsetting you.”

“Upsetting me? But I don’t even know who–”

Selena’s jaw dropped just as the tall man parked the vehicle outside one of the most expensive apartment buildings in the city.


She had suddenly realized where they were. Even though she’d only been there one time before, she recognized the place immediately.

“I guess you figured it out, huh?” Taylor sighed, getting out of the car.

“No, no, you can’t do this! Taylor, please!” the brunette desperately pleaded, kicking and screaming as the tall man pulled her out of the car. “Anyone but him! Please!!!”

“Calm the fuck down, people are watching us!” Taylor yelled before slapping her. Selena held back a tear and furiously stared at the blonde, knives shooting from her eyes as she pulled her short dress down. Her raucous protesting had her mini skirt riding up her thighs until her thong was showing, catching the attention of everyone around the busy street.

“This was the only way, ok? Justin was the only one who’d pay enough to make Estrada let you go!”


“I know he was a terrible boyfriend and you hate him but he can’t be as bad as Estrada.”

“You don’t know him, Taylor! Not like me! You don’t understand how fucking cruel and vindictive–”

“Time to go, girl,” The tall man said, putting his hand on her shoulder and guiding her to the entrance. A small crowd of passersby was beginning to surround the two pop stars, putting even more pressure on Selena, who feared the paparazzi finding out why she was there and the media storm it would create even more than what was awaiting her inside. She shoved the tall man’s hand away and gathered herself just as a couple of photographers arrived on the scene and managed to snap a few pictures of her delicious legs as she walked to the door in a short blue dress.

She entered the building without saying goodbye to the tall man. Feeling like she had been betrayed again by her supposed allies as she crossed the gates of hell. A big man in a suit showed them the way, she recognized him as Mike, Bieber’s main bodyguard right away. As the elevator made its way up to the penthouse, Selena ignored every sentence coming out from Taylor’s mouth, who kept making small talk with her as if everything was completely normal. Hoping to wake up from her nightmare, the frustrated brunette closed her eyes and prayed to God to let her wake up in her bed in Texas and just laugh about the crazy things her mind was able to conjure. She imagined herself running to hug her mom and promising herself she would never ever complain about how hard the life of a popstar was, until the sound of the opening metal doors let her know that was no dream and God wasn’t listening.

Justin was sitting in his living room, shirtless and wearing a pair of baggy basketball shorts, surrounded by black guys the he liked to think as friends but were really just one of the many possies of ghetto-looking guys he liked to keep around so he could feel more macho and cool for hanging out with them. Even if all they cared about was his money and the free pussy and drugs that came with it.

“Hi, baby. Welcome back,” he greeted his ex-girlfriend with open arms and a huge smile as if nothing bad had ever happened between them. He looked weird and disheveled; with blonde, unkempt hair and acne on his face. The nervous latina just stood there without uttering a word as he hugged her and kissed her on the cheek like things between them were perfectly fine, like he had never cheated on her with her friends and destroyed her self-esteem or humiliated her in front of the whole world. Like she wasn’t there to be his property.

“I know you’re probably scared right now but it’s ok, baby, it’s gonna be ok. I’m gonna treat you good. We’re gonna be so happy here, you and me, you’ll see.”

Again there was no response from Selena who kept avoiding eye-contact with everyone there.

“You look great by the way,” he added, admiring her tanned legs.

Taylor leaned into Selena’s ear and whispered, “And this is where you say: Thank you, Justin.”  

“What the–?! Taylor, what the hell?!”

“Now, now, baby, don’t be rude to Taylor. We made a deal.”

“What? What kind of deal?”

“Well, the truth is I’m really not that interested in her. All I care about is you, baby, but since she offered herself with you at the auction I told her she could work on her own, as long as I get my cut. So you can fuck off now, Taylor.”

“Hmm, I don’t know, I think I might want to stay a little bit longer…” the long-legged blonde said, basking in the attention of Bieber’s supposed friends.

“Stay if you want, I really don’t give a shit. Just don’t want you interfering with my baby’s training.”

“Training?!” the unwilling call girl protested, but the angry tone of her question was just a facade for the overwhelming fear drowning her.

“You see, back when we were dating I could haver never imagined you had such potential. I should really thank Abel one of these days for turning you into such a talented whore. It’s like, now I can make you do all the things I always wanted to!” He laughed, “Shit… you and me are gonna have so much fun! But first I need to turn you into a proper, obedient whore. I can’t have you crying and trying to escape while you’re working. That shit won’t do. So I’m gonna have to train and supervise you until you’re ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“For me, of course. I know you’d like to tear my eyes out right now but, when your training is done, you will serve me willingly. And you’ll love me again and we’ll be so happy together.”

“Are you kidding me right now?! You’re out of your fucking mind, Justin! You might own me now but that doesn’t mean I have to like it and I’m pretty fucking sure I will never stop hating you! And you, Taylor! I can’t believe you agreed to this! I can’t believe you stooped so fucking low! I thought you were my friend!”

“I am your friend, Sel, and that’s why I helped you. That’s why I want you to be a good girl and do what you’re told. Now let me put this on you, it’s for the best.”

The tall blonde pulled a black collar from her purse and approached Selena, who tried to run for the door where the man in the suit stopped her with ease. He held her arms and kept her still while Taylor secured the collar on her.

“What the fuck is this?!” Selena yelled, freeing herself from the bodyguard’s hands and tugging at the leather around her neck.

“It’s a shock collar,” Bieber explained, “Like the ones they put on bad dogs to teach them to behave. You’re my bitch now, Selena, and you will learn to behave.”

“Fuck you, Justin! Fuck the both of y–UUNNNGHH!!!”

The slim girl fell to her knees as the voltage ran through her body. Even though the shock had only lasted a couple of seconds, the pain had taken her breath away and almost made her pass out. When it stopped she felt her heart beating at a million miles per hour and Justin’s posse laughing out loud at her.

“Please, baby, don’t make me do that again. I don’t like hurting you,” Bieber said, holding a small remote control in his hand, “And don’t bother trying to take it off, only I have the key and I won’t give it to you until you’re ready to obey me. Got it?”

With her hands and knees on the floor and still shaking and panting from the jolt, she looked at him and Taylor, wishing they were dead. After all she had been through since that night with Luca, she could not believe they were doing that to her, treating her like an animal.

“He asked you a question, Sel. Don’t make him punish you again,” Taylor told her with a worried expression on her gorgeous face. She looked and sounded so sincere that Selena wondered if her friend had actually lost her mind.

“No! Wait! I mean… Yes, I understand,” the defeated girl finally replied when her new master was about to push the button again, scared to death of another incredibly painful shock. That thing on her neck was too dangerous. She would have to obey him until she could find a way to get it off.

“Good, now let’s do a little test. I want you to stand up and undress.”

For a second, Selena though about refusing but the threat of being punished again forced her to quickly change her mind.

“Ok, but… can we go to the bedroom or something?”

“What? Why?”

“It’s just that… I don’t know your friends and I’m… shy.”

“Aww, you’re shy, baby?” Bieber mocked her before lightly tapping the button. Selena’s whole body clenched in pain for a second and a roaring burst of laughter flooded the penthouse. The humiliated girl gasped for air as her ex-boyfriend picked her up by her scalp and forced her on her feet again.

“Take it off!” he shouted right in her ear. “Nice. Very nice,” her new master said as her short dress fell to the floor, leaving her standing there in nothing but a skimpy black thong. “Now come over here.” She took a deep breath and got near him, timidly covering her chest with her arms. Bieber and his crew laughed at her feeble attempts to feign modesty, as if he had not seen and enjoyed her world-famous tits hundreds of times before. He grabbed her arms, pulled them down to her sides and took a moment to appreciate Selena’s exposed body, the way her dark hair draped over her skinny shoulders, framing the prettiest set of breasts he had ever seen.

“Oh man, it’s been a minute since I saw these beautiful titties up close,” he told her as he caressed her left nipple with the back of his index finger, sending a shiver through her flesh. “I’ve missed them, baby, I missed all of you.” Justin’s hand traveled slowly down her soft but tight stomach and stopped right between her thighs. He rubbed the beginning of Selena’s labia softly through the thin fabric of her underwear and she felt ashamed of how quick her nipples had gotten hard and how easily he was making her wet. “You’re so fucking hot,” he said, putting a little more pressure on her mound until he found the little nub at the top.

“Say: Thank you, Master,” Taylor whispered to her again.

“Hhhmmm…! Thank you… Master,” Selena repeated with disgust. She was breathing hard and her attempts to stop herself from getting turned on by Justin’s touch were obviously failing, but she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of acknowledging it.

“Be honest with me, Selena. Did you miss me?” he asked, before tasting her right nipple while still tracing circles around her now swollen clit.  

“No…” she answered very softly, shaking every time he pushed her nipple inward with his tongue, just the way she liked it. It was a difficult moment for the sexy latina to say the least, her douchey ex-boyfriend was a piece of shit and every second she had to spend enduring his touch made her want to vomit; but at the same time, he was the man she’d been intimate with more times than anyone else, the one who had taken her virginity and knew exactly how and when she liked to be touched. It was impossible for her not to get turned on by his tricks. Then suddenly, she felt his hands and his mouth pull away. Selena opened her eyes and looked at Bieber walking away from her. Very calmly he reached the mini bar and started making himself a drink while his confused ex-girlfriend stood in the middle of the living room with flushed skin and trembling legs, feeling even more awkward and nervous than before.

“Now spread your legs and touch yourself for me and my friends,” he ordered, taking a sip from his glass and pointing at the couch right in front of the one they were sitting in. Selena hesitated and her first instinct was to look at Taylor for help, but all the blonde songwriter did was sit down right in the middle of Justin’s posse. Her ex-boyfriend made sure Selena could clearly see the tiny remote control in his hand as he began counting down, “Five, four, three, two…”

“Please, Just don’t make me do this in front of them, ple–HHLLKK!!!” she grunted, desperately trying to take off the collar electrocuting her. Bieber kept his finger on the button for a little longer that time. The veins in Selena’s neck tensed up, tears started pouring out of her eyes as she struggled to breathe with her petite body contracting and folding unto itself.

“You think you can disobey me just because I’m not one of the criminals you’ve been fucking?! Is that what you think, you little cunt?!  You’re wrong. So wrong!” Justin shouted standing over the poor girl crying in the fetal position. “Look at me, Selena. Look at me!”

She lifted her chin just as he poured the contents of his glass on her head. The hard ice cubes hurt as they hit her on the nose and the liquor made her eyes sting but it was nothing in comparison to how unbearably painful it was to be shocked. She was done resisting, she would do anything to prevent that from happening again.

“I know that you’ve been dancing for your clients, Selena. Putting on a show for them before you let them fuck you. So you better let go of that prudish character you’ve been playing all of these years because I know you better than anyone else. You’re a shitty actress and a horny slut and that’s why you’re here right now. You got that?”


“Yes, Master!”

“…Yes… …Master.”

“Good. Now get on that couch and show us how you play with that little pussy of yours.”

“Do it, Sel, it’s for your own good,” Swift insisted, sitting on top of one of the black guys with her arms wrapped around his neck.

Still panting and dripping with liquor, Selena sat on the couch and grabbed the elastic of her thong. “I have to calm down, I have to do what they say until I can figure out a way to get out of here,” she thought while she pulled the small piece of cloth down to her ankles. “It’s just another job, another show…” she kept repeating in her mind while Justin rubbed the tent growing in his shorts, “It’s like shooting a music video. I’ve done it before, I can do it again.” The humiliated whore resigned herself to comply with her new master’s orders, for the time being. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, concentrating for the performance she was about to give, just like she had been taught at the Disney channel. When she opened her eyes again the apprehension was gone from her flawless young face, replaced by a sensual decisiveness she had developed for her sexy photoshoots and music videos and perfected during her time with Santos. She cupped her perfect boobs and pushed up, mushing them together before pulling them apart and letting them come down again, her erect pink nipples showing through her fingers as she continued drawing circles in the air with her delicious breasts. Then, staring fiercely at the men in front of her, she slid her manicured hands down her midriff where a few drops of Bieber’s drink still lingered. She smeared the cold liquid against her warm tummy and kept going down until her fingers disappeared between the softness of her closed thighs. “Mmmm…” she moaned briefly just before she pushed her meaty thighs apart, rolling her hips forward so her audience could get a better view of her perfect little pussy on display. She used two fingers to spread open her nether lips and another two to probe her pink opening. They came out coated in her lubrication and she rubbed the sticky, warm juice between the tips of her fingers before licking them clean. Selena’s lips parted in a silent moan when she plunged her fingers deeper inside her juicy cunt and started finger-fucking herself. The intense pleasure caused her upper body to bent forward and her dark hair to drape over her face, hiding her flushed visage from her master and his guests while getting herself even more riled up by rubbing her excited clit with her free hand.

Taylor got up from the couch and moved her hair behind her ears, “We need to see your face, Sel, that’s very important to your clients.”  

Justin was enjoying the spectacle of his famous ex masturbating for his friends. Back when they were a couple he would always fantasize about Selena doing all kinds of dirty things for his viewing pleasure but she had never agreed to any of them, calling him a pervert and scolding him for even mentioning those kinds of things to her. Now the facade was over, the girl of his dreams, the love of his life, was finally back as a professional slut. He was going to turn her into the dirty nympho he had always wanted her to be.  

“Ok, you can stop now,” he said to Selena, pulling her out of her own head, where she had started to lose herself in the moment. She looked at him with surprise, before slowly pulling her wet fingers out. She felt a wave of shame washing over her again and started closing her legs. Breathing heavy and terrified of being shocked again, she sheepishly asked, “Did– Did I do something wrong?”

“Hey, Mike, come over here,” Justin told the man in the suit guarding the door, without acknowledging Selena’s question. Mike was a big and tall hispanic and powerful looking guy in his late 30s with very short, black hair and just a little bit overweight. “You remember Selena, right?”

“Of course,” He answered what was obviously a loaded question. They all knew each other there, Michael Arana had been working as Bieber’s head of security for many years and he had been one of the closest observers of his relationship with Selena. Accompanying the famous couple during everything from red carpet appearances to business meetings to personal vacations and witnessing most of the special moments they shared, but especially the bad. The drunken fights, the name-calling, the crying, he had been there for all of it.

“Don’t you think she’s beautiful, Mike?”

“Yes, sir.”

“She’s fucking sexy, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

Selena looked at him briefly and then looked away, deeply ashamed of how low her status had sunk since the last time he had seen her. They had never been friends or even close, but he had always been very respectful and kind to her and having him see her exposed and humiliated like that was something she wasn’t ready for. Justin took another sip from his glass, “Good, ‘cause she’s gonna suck your dick right now.”

“What?!” Selena shrieked suddenly.

“Open your legs, whore,” Bieber told her immediately, “I didn’t tell you to close them.”

Selena was about to yell something when the sight of the remote control in his hand stopped her. She sighed with resignation and opened her legs again, blushing under the hungry gaze of everyone there, but especially Arana, who was obviously enthralled with the mouth-watering view of her glistening pussy.  

“Remember that summer in Hawaii, baby? When I took your cherry? When I wanted you to suck my dick in front of my bodyguards and you refused and ruined the whole trip?”

Her face turned red. She was so angry and flustered. Not only was he forcing her to strip and touch herself for his friends but now he was dredging up the most private and sacred things about their past relationship.  

“I asked you something, Selena”


“Let’s try that again, just for fun. Only now, you’re gonna be sucking his dick in front of me. And it should be very easy to suck a man’s dick now that you’re a prostitute, right? Isn’t that what you’ve been doing these last few months? Blowing strangers for money?”


“Answer me!”


“YES, MASTER!” Bieber yelled furiously, before throwing the glass at the wall. It crashed just a few feet from where Selena was sitting. She flinched and screamed as the shards of glass flew around the room. “YOU’LL CALL ME MASTER FROM NOW ON, YOU FUCKING CUNT, OR I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD YOU’LL BE FUCKING SORRY! IS THAT CLEAR?!”

“Y– yes, Master,” the terrified latina replied, shaking in her seat.

“Now be a good little whore and suck Mike’s cock for me!”

Selena wiped her teary eyes with the back of her hand and turned her head to the left, where the bodyguard’s crotch was waiting for her. “You can do this. It’s just another job… Just another show…” she said to herself as she unzipped the man’s fly and pulled out his semi-hard member. Mike groaned softly when she started caressing his cock with both of her small, delicate hands as Bieber smiled with satisfaction. His ex was about to give him one of the shows he had always wanted.

The gorgeous latina grabbed Mike’s 7-inch meat, opened her mouth and let it rest on her tongue. She stroked his swelling cock gently to get it as hard as possible, then closed her lips around it and felt it twitching inside her mouth. “Mmmh…” she moaned softly while her tongue swirled around the head, looking up at him with her seductive brown eyes. She felt her sex getting warm and moist again, the unsettling shame of understanding just how much she had grown to enjoy having a strange cock in her mouth (especially when being forced to) had her young pussy dripping in seconds. She surprised even herself when her free hand returned to her insides without anyone ordering her to. Mike grabbed her head and pushed it lightly down, she followed his lead and began slowly swallowing his length until her lower lip made contact with his testicles. He held her there for a few seconds while she gagged and struggled to keep him in her throat. When he finally let her rest, Selena took a big breath of air and swallowed him whole again. After a couple of minutes her throat and mouth got more used to his girth and she found herself enjoying the bitter taste of his cock, the way it felt pushing down her tongue as it kept sliding in and out of her now compliant mouth.

“Remember all those times I asked you to suck my friend’s cocks and you wouldn’t do it? You were to good for that! Too christian! Too pure! But look at you now!” Justin laughed, resting with his hands behind his head. Taylor had sat down between him and one of his friends and had her hand inside their shorts, stroking both of them at the same time.

Bieber listened to the slurping sounds escaping Selena’s throat, “You love it, don’t you, Selena?”

Selena popped the meat out of her mouth and quickly replied, “Yes, Master. I do.” She slurped some of the spit and pre-cum falling out of her mouth and went back to servicing her ex-boyfriend’s bodyguard with all of the tricks of the trade she had picked up in the last few months. She sucked and sucked until her mouth felt numb and her jaw ached, but she kept on sucking anyway. Whenever Mike started to show signs of being on the verge he would slap her pretty face, “Slow down, bitch!” he would yell at her and she would nod and start teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue before swallowing the whole thing again.

After many years of working for Bieber, Mike was no stranger to getting blown by beautiful girls, it was one of the great perks of working for such a wealthy perv; but even so, Selena had him going crazy in just a few minutes. Her oral skills were amazing and that, coupled with the fact that he had been fantasizing about fucking her since he had met her at 17 was quickly driving him to the edge. Any sane man in his position would have to consider himself lucky to last more than 5 minutes watching such an exquisite beauty sucking his cock with such care and vehemence.  

“Fuck, I’m so close,” he grunted suddenly just as Selena started massaging his balls and swirling her tongue around his purple, swollen head. A slight smile of satisfaction drawn on her puerile features.  

“You heard that, slut? He’s about to finish. Now talk to him like the whore you are.”

Selena was no longer in doubt about anything, her whore instincts had kicked in and she was 100% into the job at that point. She stopped licking him began stroking his cock very quickly, asking with a very sensual, raspy voice, “Do you want to cum in my mouth, in my tits or in my pretty face?”

Mike lost his cool when he heard the cutest whore he had ever seen say those words, he grabbed her head and pumped his impatient cock inside her welcoming mouth again and again until he started emptying his balls deep down her throat. The sexy latina closed her eyes and did her best to gulp down the thick globs hitting the back of her throat but she could not swallow all of that cum fast enough and it began seeping around her tightly closed lips. She coughed and a hefty clump of semen and saliva slid out of her mouth, coating her chin. She regained control somehow and her delicate body convulsed in asphyxiating spasms as the hot load continued to fill her belly, still massaging Mike’s pulsating balls until she had ingested all of it. The bodyguard finally pulled out his softening meat with a big sigh of satisfaction and rubbed the cum-stained tip on Selena’s mouth and chin; glazing her sexy, quivering lips with the few drops of warm semen she had not been able to swallow.

“Fuck, that was incredible…” he muttered, still staring incredulously at the slutty little pop star he had dreamed about so many times licking his cum off her lips. “Mmm, thank you…” Selena said softly, wiping way the saliva splattered onto her chest and trying in vain to hide the sheepish smile forming on her shiny lips, ashamed as usual of how much she had enjoyed pleasuring another man.

“Bravo!” Her new owner shouted once the show ended, slowly clapping at his ex-girlfriend’s display of professional cock-sucking. Selena blushed and kept quiet, unable to look at Justin as he walked towards her. “I’m so proud of you, baby,” he praised, standing over her. Selena kept looking down at the floor so he leaned down and grabbed her chin, “You’ve become the good little cumslut I always knew you were deep down,” he said, before kissing her softly on the lips. In spite of her hatred of him, the confused brunette felt something else when their lips met. An intense and complicated mix of emotions she had previously thought she’d never feel again. But there they were.

Justin laughed out loud at how easily she had complied with the kiss despite all of her initial protests about her current situation.

“You can go to your room now. We’re going to a party tonight, by the way. So be ready by 10.”    

Relieved that the test was over and she could go hide in her room, the embarrassed escort picked up her dress from the floor and covered the front of her naked anatomy with it. Taylor announced she was leaving but on her way to the exit she stopped next to her friend and whispered, “Just try to get on his good side and you’ll get through this, ok? I’ll be back to check on you tomorrow.”

“Don’t talk to me ever again,” was all Selena replied, sprinting to her new room amongst the laughter of Bieber’s posse.

Selena didn’t see Justin for the rest of the day. She spent that time resting, locked in her new room and getting ready for that evening’s party. There were a few dresses available for her and she chose to put on a short black dress that showed off her cleavage and her amazing legs. She wore her dark hair in a tight ponytail bun, complimented by a pair of big gold hoop earrings, the same color as her open toe heels. Under that outfit she wore black see-through pair of mesh thong panties from Victoria’s Secret and no bra, as usual.

She looked in the mirror and her reflection pleased her. “Not bad,” she said to herself. After many years of just messing around with her phone while professional did her hair and makeup she had had to relearn how to do that kind of stuff by herself. But the brief moment of pride in her own beauty skills was quickly overshadowed by the ugly sight if the shock collar wrapped around her neck.

“You look so beautiful, baby,” Justin complimented her when he entered the room. She was sitting on the bed, trying not to cry and said nothing to him at first but, after noticing the remote control in his hand, she flinched instinctively and surrendered a short, evasive “Thank you.”

“Come here,” Justin said, showing her the key to her collar.

She looked at him with distrust. “What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry about what happened today with this thing, baby,” he said as he started removing the torture device from her slightly chafed neck, “I love you so much and I really hated having to hurt you like that but it was necessary. It was for your own good. You understand that, right?”


“Good. But anyway, since you did such a fantastic job with Mike I think we can take a different, less aggressive approach.”

Selena’s legs were shaking with a mix of fear and something else she could not process right then. He grabbed the collar and kissed her lips. It was not reciprocated but she didn’t reject it either.

“Are your friends gone?”

“Yes. Why? Didn’t you like them?”

“No… I mean, I don’t know them but…”

“But what?”

“When I saw them there and you made me undress I thought…”

“That they were all going to fuck you?” Bieber laughed, “Wow, Sel, I didn’t know you were that much of a slut!”

“I didn’t want to! I was… really scared.”

“Aww, baby. Come here,” he said, wrapping his arm over shoulders, she looked away as he explained, “The thought did cross my mind, not gonna lie, but after you gave us such a good show I thought you deserved a good rest. Plus, they’re all freeloaders. You’re too hot to be fucking anyone for free.”

She could not help but be flattered by that last comment, which made her sick of herself.

“So anyway… Tonight’s party is another test, ok?” Justin began explaining, “I’m taking you with me to Janick’s penthouse.”

“John Janick? The CEO of Interscope?”

“Yup. You know him?”

“Yeah, I fucking know him, Justin! You know that’s my record label!”

“Oh, right. I forget sometimes that you used to be a singer. But anyway, I’m gonna need you to behave and do a good job there. I can’t have you walking around there like an animal, though,” he told her as the collar came off. “I need you to be a good little whore tonight, baby. And I’ll be real good to you if you’re good to me.”

“No, no… I can’t go to a thing like that, Justin! Not as your whore! There will be people who know me there!”

“Oh you can be sure of that. There’ gonna be a ton of industry people you know. But tonight will be different, obviously. You’re going to show them what they have been missing all of these years. Maybe even give it up for some of them if I like their offers…”

“Justin this was supposed to be a secret!” the desperate girl protested, “I’ll do whatever else you want but don’t expose me like that! It will ruin my career, everything I’ve worked so hard for all my life!”

“What the fuck are you talking about? The only career you have now is getting fucked for money and you’re the one who chose that, not me! The sooner you get it into your head the easier it will be. You’re not a singer anymore, Selena. You’re not an actress anymore. You’re a cum deposit. A filthy cocksucking whore! Got it?”

Selena wiped the tears from her face and in a moment of emboldened emotion yelled at him, “Then you better put the collar back on and shock me until I’m dead because there’s no fucking way I’m going to that party!”

“Is that so…?” Justin remarked with an evil grin, before hitting play on his phone.

“You’re loving this, aren’t you, Selena? Answer me!”

“Yes, Master. I love it.”

Justin had recorded her blowing his bodyguard and Selena’s jaw dropped watching herself swallowing Mike’s cock in HD.

“What– what are you going to do with that?!”

“Well, I was thinking of sending it to your dear mother right now. Show her what a good little whore her baby has become. Do you think she’ll feel proud of how good you are at sucking cock?”


“Why not? She already hates me. Thinks I’m a douchebag, right? But you? You’re her beautiful angel! You can do no wrong in her eyes, right? Maybe we should show her your true nature, huh? I mean, I have nothing to lose, you on the other hand…”

He showed her the phone again just as the video was about to end, “Do you want to cum in my mouth, in my tits or in my pretty face?” she heard herself saying and she fell back on the bed, crying her eyes out and begging him to delete her video.

“You have the power, Selena. Not me. You can go to Janick’s party and do your job as my obedient whore or I can hit this,” he said, showing her her mother’s number on the screen and hovering his thumb over the SEND button, “and you can spend the rest of the night explaining to your family what you have been doing for the last 3 months. It’s your decision.”

“But I can’t! If I do this… I’ll lose everything I’ve worked for. Everyone in show business is going to know I’m… a prostitute,” she managed to say, still really struggling to let that last word out and admit it. “I– I’ll never be able to show my face at a business meeting ever again!”

“It won’t be that bad, trust me, there’s plenty of bitches selling their asses for record deals,” he assured her and she knew he wasn’t lying. “You have 5 seconds to decide, Selena,” Justin threatened with his finger almost touching the SEND button.


“I can’t let him ruin my relationship with my family…” she said to herself as the countdown progressed.


“My career is important, but nothing is more important than mom…”


“I’ll just do what he wants tonight and maybe he’ll–”


“Alright, alright! I’ll do it…”

“Good girl. Now, I want you to go that party and talk to everyone. Have fun, be cute and charming like you always are at those kinds of things and if anyone approaches you with an offer -and trust me, they will- you tell them to talk to me, your pimp. You understand?”

“Yes…” the sad girl answered with a big sigh.

“But just remember… don’t try anything suspicious. Just be a good little whore and do what I tell you. The limo is picking us up in 15 min.”

Selena turned every head in Janick’s penthouse with her incredible grace and beauty. As usual, her stunning presence and approachable charm attracted the attention of most guests and soon she was laughing and mingling amongst the powerful crowd with her trusty fake smile and a glass of wine in her hand. Very soon after arriving, Justin excused himself and disappeared from her sight. She had no idea what he was doing, which made her kinda nervous, but knowing that he wasn’t looming over her head and ready to humiliate her helped the former child-star feel a little bit more confident in her interactions with the distinguished crowd, dodging difficult questions and constantly changing subjects to protect her secret for as long as possible.

But although Selena kept trying to pretend she was at just another fancy party like the ones she used to attend all the time, it was impossible to forget that by the end of the night one of those rich men would be paying to have his way with her. Still, she tried to make the best of it and at about one hour in she already had a nice buzz going, drinking more profusely than she normally would, seeking the courage she would need to get through her duties that night inside the seemingly endless bottles of Dom Perignon available. Industry executives, agents, managers, investors, marketers, record producers and a long list of influential people were all there wanting to talk to her about endorsing deals, collaborations, record sales and all the stuff that used to keep her in constant stress before. Becoming increasingly more tense, Selena did her best to work around those topics without being rude but, as the night went on, it became increasingly difficult and, after a particularly hassling exchange with a Pantene executive that would not stop talking about involving her with the new ad campaign she ended up walking away from him in mid-sentence.

She made her way to the bar and asked for a stronger drink. She knew she was going to need more than champagne that night.

“Enjoying yourself, Selena?” A thin, white man with short, curly hair said, standing next to her. Selena’s uninterested demeanor changed immediately upon seeing the head of her record label.

“Oh, yes, I– of course, John,” she awkwardly replied, adjusting her short skirt and sitting up straight as if she was back in school and talking to the principal, “Your apartment is gorgeous, by the way,” she added, attempting to small-talk her way out of a conversation she had hoped to avoid.

“Well thank you, but it’s all my wife’s work. I don’t know the first thing about interior design.”

“Then tell her I said she has great taste.”

“You should tell her yourself, she’s around here somewhere and, believe me when I tell you, she looooves those kinds of compliments, especially coming from fashionable celebrities like yourself.”

“Oh, in that case I’ll definitely ask her for a few tips. I mean, my God these curtains are–”

“So where have you been?” the man blurted out suddenly before taking a sip of his glass, “Not that it’s any of my business but– actually… that is precisely my business, huh? I mean you did sign a contract with us…”

“I know, I know… I’m really sorry about that, I’ve just been… going through some… stuff, y’know?”

“Hey, it’s ok if you need time for yourself. We want all our artists to be healthy and happy but disappearing for months without any contact and missing all our meetings is so unprofessional. So unlike you, Selena.”

The singer turned prostitute was mortified. The weight of her decisions was becoming asphyxiating. The pressure of all the constant meetings, contracts, lawyers, interviews, negotiations… it all seemed to be coming back at once, like an invisible avalanche that no one else could see but that would eventually crush her nonetheless. John kept reminding her of all the things that made show business so unbearable sometimes, the things that had driven her to act out in the first place. “So how’s the new album coming along?”

“Its’… umm, uh–”

“You know we have a lot of money riding on that. We expect great things from you.”

At that moment she found herself longing for the escape from the unending responsibilities of show business that had driven her to prostitution. She knew it was dangerous, shameful and degrading but it was somehow so much easier; all she had to do was perform and make her clients happy. There was no corporate bullshit around it. No meetings, no charts, notes, rehearsals, boardrooms, contracts… none of that phony shit that she hated so much. When she fucked for money there was only her body and the cock waiting for her. Simple and to the point.

“It’s uh… it’s going well. I’ve been writing a lot and I’ll probably hit the studio soon,” she lied half-heartedly. She had no idea if Justin would let her sing again and, truthfully, she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to. Janick’s presence had her wondering if she had been fooling herself, yearning for a respectable profession and a dignified life that had made her so profoundly unsatisfied for so many years.

“I’m glad to hear that. Why don’t we talk about this next week, huh? I’ll tell Marcy to set it up and–”

“I’m sorry, I really need to use the bathroom.”

“Oh, it’s… It’s straight through that hall and to the left. We’ll talk about this after–”

“Thank you,” she said, letting out a big sigh as she walked away from the man who could ruin her music career with a couple of calls.  The pressure of keeping up the facade was getting to her and she just needed to get a few minutes of peace and solitude to gather her thoughts and face him again.

“Dammit!” she said when she found the bathroom door was locked.

“I just saw someone go in there,” said a middle-aged asian woman in a purple dress walking towards her.

“Shit, just what I needed…” Selena thought, smiling at Demi Lovato’s agent. Or was it her old agent? She wasn’t sure, but what she did know was that Magda Chen was one of the nosiest, gossip-loving people in all of show business. She had never liked her and had had to suffer her insufferable personality countless times at events similar to that one.

“Hello, Selena! Long time no see, huh?”

“Yeah, it’s… uh, been a while, I guess.”

“I haven’t heard from you in so long, honey. What in the Lord’s name have you been up to?”

“Oh you know, the usual stuff…” the latina stated vaguely, already looking around for an excuse to leave.

“Is that so? Because I haven’t really seen you doing anything for a few months. I was starting to wonder if you were sick or maybe even pregnant…”

“Heh, nope. Not pregnant,” Selena replied with a short, fake laugh; wishing her dead.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, honey. I just thought that since no one had heard from you in a while–”

“Excuse me,” the annoyed latina interjected, scurrying inside the instant the door opened. She locked the door and a long, tired sigh came out of her as she looked in the mirror.

Finally alone for the first time in a couple of hours she dreamed about just staying holed up in there without having to face the unbearable shame of being out there with that gigantic secret on her shoulders. But of course, that wasn’t an option. Demi’s agent was waiting outside and it would only take her a couple of minutes to inform and alarm every single one of the guests if she took too long to come out. She sat on the floor contemplating her situation and thinking about her life. Wondering how she had gone from being a kid singing on Barney the dinosaur’s show to a world-famous popstar and then to a high-priced whore with no say in her own destiny. As she traced the steps that had gotten there she started hyperventilating and wanting to cry. Her hands became sweaty, her mouth was dry. She could feel a panic attack coming.

“I can’t do this. I can’t go out there again, I–”

“Honey, are you ok in there?” the asian woman shouted behind the door after 10 minutes of waiting outside for the young singer.

A sudden burst of rage filled her head, all she wanted to do was yell “FUCK OFF, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” at the old, annoying lady and at the rest of the world. But she managed to keep her composure as the image of her parents getting the video flashed in her mind. If she didn’t get it together they would watch their beautiful girl sucking a man’s dick, swallowing his cum and then thanking him for it. They would never recover from that. She would never recover from that. The thought of breaking her mother’s heart in that manner was unacceptable, even more so than facing what was waiting for her outside the door. Selena pulled a small flask she had found in Justin’s apartment from her purse and took a big swig from it. She had no idea what kind of liquor it was but it was strong enough to make the room spin around her. After gathering herself she began retouching her makeup in the gold-framed mirror. Admiring her natural beauty, she arrived at the conclusion that her looks were the one certainty she had in that situation. The burning desire her presence seemed to conjure in the minds and bodies of men was the one thing she could count on, the one thing that would not fail her. “I can’t keep running from this,” she said to herself, realizing that the quickest way to leave that party with her reputation almost intact would be to fuck John Janick. He had never openly made a move on her but the way he couldn’t keep his eyes away from her cleavage at every meeting they had ever had was a clear enough sign for even the most clueless person that he couldn’t wait to put his hands on her. She had even taken a little bit of advantage from that during her contract negotiations, deliberately forgetting to wear a bra during most of those sessions to keep him focused on her nipples poking under her blouse instead of the terms of their multi-million-dollar deal. “Seems like a lifetime ago,” she sighed, remembering how guilty she’d felt after those meetings just for flaunting her body to gain an advantage. Now she was going to seduce a married man and charge him for sex. Times sure had changed.    

“You ok, honey? Need me to call someone?” The asian lady insisted but Selena barely registered the noise outside the door. Her right hand had found its way to her crotch and her middle finger was busy rubbing away at her excited clit. She was sure that Janick would not be able to resist but what truly surprised her was how turned on she was at the idea that he was going to cheat on her beautiful wife with her.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” she said, pulling her hand out of her underwear and sincerely afraid of what she was becoming. Selena stepped out of the bathroom ignoring the asian lady and made her way back to the living room. “I’m gonna get through this, no matter what. I’m gonna do him and get out of here,” she said to herself, with her eyes fixed on the tray of drinks being passed around. She finished a glass in two seconds and grabbed another two before rejoining the guests with a different attitude, brazenly lying her way out of every uncomfortable question and situation while she made her way back to Janick.

When she finally reached the bar again he wasn’t alone anymore. Martha, his dear wife had joined him. The couple was holding hands and the two of them seemed to be making each other laugh constantly. A desperate Selena immediately came up with a plan to distract her and get him alone, she was about to put it in motion when she was stopped by her guilty conscience. Her heart sunk when she realized what she was doing. She was about to ruin a marriage just to get her way and the driving force behind that impulse wasn’t even the video, it was just about the dark allure of doing something so morally wrong. Something that not one person there would expect her to be capable of.

She finished another glass of champagne while she battled with her dark side, still pushing her to go ahead and become a homewrecker but it wasn’t long before she was approached by other guests. She entertained their advances without taking her eyes off of Janick and his wife. The alcohol kept loosening her up more and more, and the sexy escort found herself fantasizing about a three-way with the married couple. Some drunk guy tripped into a waiter and caused a minor commotion in which Selena lost track of Janick and his wife. She took it as sign and tried to think of something else, but she was already all warmed up for her duty. She started to get really flirty with all those men, even with some of the women, and enjoying very much all the leering eyes her amazing legs were getting as she sat cross-legged on a small stool with her back resting against the bar, fake-laughing at their lame jokes while her short skirt kept riding up her soft but athletic thighs.

Suddenly, Demi’s old agent came out of nowhere and tried to take the stool next to her.

“Oh honey, I’m so glad I found you before you left!” she slurred, stumbling to place her fat ass on top of the seat without falling, “I’ve been hearing some wild rumors about you. I mean I’m sure they’re all completely false but–”

“Rumors? What rumors?” Selena asked nervously, panicking at the complete lack of discretion of the elder woman. Was she about to expose her in front of everyone?

“That you’ve been seen with–”

“Miss Gomez! It’s been such a long time!” a drunk voice said from behind, taking a seat to her left. Selena recognized Arnie Newton from her days as a Disney channel starlet. He had been one of the heads of programming during her time working on Wizards of Waverly Place and also the drunk guy who had toppled the waiter a few minutes before.

“Oh, hi, Mr. Newton!” she replied, feigning enthusiasm for one the creepiest people she had suffered at that company. Even when she was as young as 16 she could see in his expression that he had the worst thoughts about her. For years she had avoided being alone with him in any type of situation and when she left Disney she told herself she’d never have to deal with him again. But things had changed a lot since her Wizards of Waverly days, now she couldn’t wait to use him as an excuse to get out of a conversation that was ruining her night.

“It has been a long time, yeah,” she replied awkwardly as he kissed her hand. Magda, visibly annoyed by the tipsy man’s interruption tried to get rid of him with no success.

“Excuse me, Arnie, but–”

“I must say, you’ve grown into such a gorgeous woman,” Newton continued saying to the brunette starlet of his dreams, completely ignoring the asian woman.

“Oh, thank you! That’s very kind of you, Mr. Newton.”

“Would you care to dance?” He asked, wrapping his arm around her small waist and pulling her to him without waiting for an answer.

“Oh! Yes, of course, I’d love that,” she forced herself to say, walking away with him under the incredulous gaze of Mrs. Chen. Soon the 58-year-old man had her wrapped in his arms, dancing slowly to a piano ballad away from the uncomfortable questions of the big-headed agent who walked away from the bar with an exasperated strut. Selena sighed with relief but the nice buzz she had going on before Magda’s appearance had started to wear off thanks to the adrenaline coursing through her veins and as she looked around the room she started getting nervous of all of the important people there finding out what she was really doing at that party. Even if she was sure that Justin would not allow her to act or sing again, she was still clinging to a tiny sliver of hope that she would somehow find a way to get through that night without ruining her public image forever.

“Is everything, ok?” Arnie asked.

“Yeah, yeah…”

“Don’t be nervous, we’re old friends, right?” he said, resting his hand on her ass, his expensive cologne drowning every other smell in the place.

“Umm, yeah, sure, Mr. Newton” She tried removing his hand but he wouldn’t let go of her backside. Instead he pulled her body even closer to his and squeezed her left butt cheek until a quick gasp came out of her. Outraged at him for touching her like that in public she raised her hand to slap him but stopped herself just in time when she discovered Justin, watching her from across the room. He was grinning at her with the dreaded phone that could ruin her relationship with her family still firmly in his hand as a constant reminder of the cost of her disobedience. With a short sigh of resignation her hand landed on the older man’s shoulder instead of his face and she continued dancing with him without complaining, even as he continued shamelessly squeezing her ass in front of everyone.  

“Mmm, Selena, I want to confess something to you now that we’re getting… closer”


“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever worked with. Always thought so, even when you were still a kid.”

She did her best to hide her disgust and rage at such a malicious comment. She was only 16 when he had met her and it was obvious by the pervy way he always looked at her, but to admit it like that and mean it as some sort of fucked up compliment was somehow even worse.

“Oh, thank you, Mr. Newton. That’s very… sweet of you,” she replied, swallowing her pride, thinking of nothing else but that video on her ex’s phone.

“And I would do anything to spend a little more time with you…”

His fingers suddenly found the crack of her ass and she tried to pull away but he turned her around and hugged her waist from the back, pressing his growing manhood against her backside. His impatient hand cupping her left breast and the other sliding up and down her hip, exposing her thighs and sexy mesh underwear to everyone around them. The move was too obvious and shameless for anyone not to notice and Selena was horrified when half the party started whispering and staring at her, everyone noticing how the famous Selena Gomez was allowing a drunk, old man to openly fondle her in public. Again her instincts told her to push him off, slap the shit out of him and call for help but she didn’t. Back when she was a Disney girl he had tried to touch her on many occasions and every time she had managed to thwart his advances, but she was a different person now with a different job, as Justin’s intense stare from across the room kept reminding her. There was no way she could turn him down, and the worst part was that she wasn’t even sure if she really wanted to.

“Maybe I should just get it over with,” she thought, fighting the impulse to get away from his clumsy hands, shamelessly roaming around the inside of her thighs.

“Um, Mr. Newton we can’t do this…” she finally said, freeing herself from his impatient hold.

“Yes, I uh– I got carried away…”


“…Did you say here?” he asked, incredulously. Selena grabbed another glass of champagne from the tray of a passing waiter and finished it in one gulp. “It’s just so… crowded in here, y’know?” she said softly, resting the cold, empty glass between her supple breasts.

He took the glass from her hand and slowly brushed her against her barely covered left nipple. “Then why don’t I show you the guest room, huh?”

Selena looked at Justin again and he nodded to her from behind the cantina, flashing the phone for good measure. She gulped down her fear and swallowed her pride before saying something she never thought she would say, “You can show me but… not for free.”

“….Wait, did I hear that right? What do you– oh! …Wow. Now that I was not expecting!” he laughed out loud, very pleased at the surprise. “You should have told me sooner about this new facet of yours!”

Selena turned around and kissed him on the cheek. Her face turned red amidst the judging looks and gossip of the whole party. She readjusted her short black dress and headed back towards the cantina, holding Newton’s hand over her shoulder and guiding him to her pimp. The older man greeted Justin with a handshake and they negotiated for a couple of minutes while the anxious girl bit her nails and pretended not to be bothered by the gossip storm she was creating. “Mr. Newton is ready,” Justin announced to her, “Have fun, you two,” he shouted at them as they began walking away, making sure the guests around them could hear it, just in case they had any doubts about why one of the hottest young stars around was suddenly leaving with one of the richest guy’s there. The unexperienced hooker could not believe what she was doing. As she and Newton walked away from the party with his hand firmly planted on her ass, she could see everyone commenting on what she was doing and pulling out their phones to inform the rest of the world. It wouldn’t be long until the news that she was now selling her body became common knowledge in Hollywood. She was humiliated and on the verge of tears, but even then, her family was the priority. She would do anything to hide her shame from them so she could not stop, she could not run away.

“It’s just another job, just another show…”

With that conviction she tried her best to ignore of all the astonished faces and the snarky comments that kept multiplying with each passing second but there was something else bothering her, she was getting really turned on by all of it. Being judged and publicly humiliated like that reminded her of what had happened at the whore auction, the way she had lost herself in that other persona she could not control. Now she was almost as horny as she was mortified and she could feel herself starting to lose control.

“There it is,” he announced, pointing at the room he had chosen, “We’re going to have so much fun, Selena. You’ll see.” She fake-smiling to her excited client and fighting the urge to slap away the fingers that carelessly buried deeper into her ass crack with every nervous step she took to get away from the prying eyes of the industry. He opened the door for her and she hesitated, “Go on, we don’t have all night,” he insisted with a quick and strong spank to her unprepared butt. Selena gasped again and finally entered the empty bedroom.

The rich man immediately sat on the bed and loosened his tie, a bulge in his pants protruding upwards. Selena’s plan was to fuck him quick and get out of there but seeing him sitting there with his big fat belly spilling out of his pants she started getting cold feet.

“Come here,” he said and tried to grab her but she managed to evade his hand.

“Wait, don’t you want me to dance for you first?” she suggested, trying to delay the dreaded moment as much as possible.

“What I want is to fuck you, Selena. I’ve been waiting to fuck you since you were sixteen.”

“Then you can wait a little more,” she smiled, reaching for the lock on the door behind her while making an effort to dismiss that reprehensible comment that reminded her of the dirty way he looked at her while she was still a minor. The last thing she needed was someone barging in and seeing her debasing herself for money.

“Fine,” the man conceded, loosening his tie, “For what your boyfriend is charging me, you better put on a good show…”

Grinding her teeth she said, “He’s not my boyfriend. And I always do…” and started slowly undulating her curvy hips to the rhythm of the faint music coming from the main hall. With her back to him, Selena focused on the shiny varnish covering the door as she swayed seductively in a circular motion, giving him short glimpses of the black, mesh thong she had chosen for that night.

“That’s really nice, sugar. Now show me those titties.”

There was an icy pause.

“I can’t wait anymore,” Newton insisted.

“Oh, uhmm… okay.” She knew the dancing part was over, it was a miracle that it had lasted that long. “Here goes nothing…” she thought and turned around to face him. The beautiful whore reached for the thin straps holding up her revealing top and pushed them off of her shoulders. Her aspirations and fears and torments rose up as she exposed herself. Newton stammered and then fell silent. His sticky hands landed on her coveted tits. Then, in a fraction of a second, the older man held her by the waist and pulled her to him.

“Fuck, you’re so tasty…” he mumbled, slobbering over her right breast.

“…mmm, you like them?” she replied, holding his head and stroking his short, white hair while he switched from one hard nipple to the other. She could feel her body getting warmer with every gruff stroke of his raspy tongue against her sensitive areolas and her negative emotions dissipating. “It’s happening again,” she realized, closing her eyes and embracing the darkness that seemed to take over her every time she had to perform in those situations. Truthfully, she hated that side of herself, the one that had gotten her into so much trouble in the first place, the one that made her enjoy being mistreated by horrible people. But it also made her feel amazing; wanted, desired, irresistible, special. She decided to stop fighting that part of her that she could not seem to beat anyway. Her client’s hands were all over her and the time for the shy and maidenly Selena was over, the only way to get through a moment like that was to let dirty slut in her take control. “Time to shine, Slutlena…” she joked in her head, assuming the derogatory nickname that people on the internet had been calling her for years. Then, with one deft movement she unzipped the rest of her dress and it fell to the floor.

All the air in the room became one with his scent. The faint music played on and his hands told her to turn slowly for him so he could carefully admire every cell of her perfect anatomy. Selena twirled slowly for him, giggling after each short, wet kiss that landed on her tender skin, causing her to feel as if she were falling into some distant sea.

“Bend over,” Newton demanded, finally letting go of her. She slowly leaned forward, presenting her cute ass to her client who let out a deep grunt of excitement. His strong reaction to her body drew the hint of a brief but proud smile on her lips.

“Spread your ass cheeks.”

Selena gulped and did as told, pulling her ass cheeks apart until the edges of her smooth asshole began peeking around the thin piece of lingerie. He leaned forward and grabbed her firm butt, pinning her against the door while he kissed his way up and down the curves of her young, delicious posterior. Selena shivered with each quick peck on her buttocks, resting her pretty face against the cold oak door, now misty with her agitated breath. “I didn’t tell you to let go,” her client complained when her hands started slipping and she held her buns apart again, struggling to maintain the awkward pose while the man’s clumsy, tickling fingers explored her ass crack, making her giggle a little bit. He pulled her underwear to the side and Selena’s puerile giggles turned to womanly moans once his tongue found the middle of her tiny asshole. A sudden, curious finger made it’s way between her folds and soon Newton had the reluctant whore trembling against the door with a finger up her cunt and a tongue in her asshole. Selena’s eyes fluttered and she started licking the door, lost in the waves of pleasure coursing through her thanks to Newton’s adventurous tongue, a huge and wet piece of meat lapping away at her puckering hole like it was the last oasis in the Chihuahuan desert.  

“C’mere” Newton said, sitting back on the bed and putting the petite girl on his knee, “I want you to get those nice and wet for me.”

He tapped her warm crotch a couple of times and the corrupted popstar nodded, biting her lower lip as she reached down and began probing her already juicy folds under the extremely thin fabric of her lingerie, where a tiny landing strip of dark pubic hair was clearly visible. He pulled his dick out and she began jerking him off with one hand, softly humping herself against his thigh and making sure to get her panties soaked with wetness. The man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth to his. Selena tasted her own ass in his mouth and felt a delicious shiver thinking of how dirty and depraved that was and how much she liked it. She couldn’t stop herself from letting out a moan as the man’s tongue swirled around in her compliant mouth and his hand joined hers in the circular motion that had her needy pussy dripping with anticipation.

“Oh fuck… you’re so wet… You’re getting so wet for me…” he breathed on her neck, “You’re such a little slut, aren’t you, Selena? Teasing me all of these years, pretending like you weren’t into old men. But you are, aren’t you?”

“Mmm, yes, Arnie… I’m your young slut” she cooed, rubbing her clit harder and stroking the much older man’s cock faster as well, “I’m your Disney girl.”

He stopped her hand and pulled her soaked panties to the side, “Mmm, look how wet your little pussy is…”

“Ohhh!” Selena moaned when he pushed a finger in, then a couple of seconds later she let out a sigh after he pulled it out. Newton tasted the girl’s juice on his digit and plunged it back inside her, the squishy sounds of her sopping cunt being fingered accompanied the soft music of her heavy breathing. She grabbed his other hand and started sucking on his thumb, sighing softly when he put another finger inside her and then another. The latina whore’s excited cunt kept widening and leaking pussy juice, soaking her sexy lingerie and forming a wet spot on her client’s thigh. Rapidly working his prick up and down with her small, diligent hands she twitched in anticipation of being filled.

Newton felt he was about to spurt and stopped her hand, pulling his own hand out of her as well. He ordered her to stand up and Selena got off of his lap, allowing him to slide down her soaked panties while she tried to catch her breath. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror, her slender and perfectly shaped young body contrasting with his out of shape and decrepit form and, to her surprise, she felt no aversion to any of it. Through her experiences as a whore she had discovered a wicked form of pleasure in seeing her beauty crashing with the ugliness of the horny men that paid to fuck her. People and acts that usually repulsed her became endlessly thrilling when she was in that state of mind. It didn’t matter how much her normal self disliked all of it, when Slutlena was in control she couldn’t get enough of it.

Newton turned her around with ease, which gave her the opportunity to keep checking herself out in the mirror, biting her lower lip with anticipation as her john crumpled his pants around his ankles. He put his hands on her tiny waist and guided her hips down towards him. She followed his lead and slowly sat on his hairy cock, keeping her eyes focused on her reflection and using her index and middle finger to spread open her lips while he pushed the head of his cock inside her snug cunt. He held her arms back as he finished entering her and her little body leaned forward with the first pump.


“Tell me you love it, you little whore!”

“MMMMH, I LOVE IT– AHH!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD, I REALLY LOVE IT!!!” She confessed, leaning forward with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open. He let go of her arms and she rested her hands on her knees while she bounced up and down his member with a steady pace. She enjoyed seeing her tits bouncing up and down too, the sound of her ass cheeks slapping against his thighs, and his warm heavy breath between her shoulder blades; she loved all of it. She couldn’t even remember why she’d been resisting all day.

Arnie was out of shape to say the least and the strain of fucking Selena had quickly gotten him out of breath but the horny popstar would not let him rest, slapping her hot cunt up and down against his unimposing dick with all the energy and exuberance of a young, fit woman in the prime of her life.

“Fuck, slow down, girl!” the man shouted, laying back on the bed with both hands firmly grasping Selena’s petite bottom, kneading it like dough in the hands of a hasty baker. “I CAN’T! I– I WON’T!” The sexy whore panted, redoubling her frantic vertical motion, “ISN’T THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?! TO FUCK ME LIKE THIS?! TO CUM INSIDE ME?!”

“Y-yes!” he replied, briefly taken back by her highly compliant disposition. Truthfully, he had not expected her to be so into it.

“THEN SHUT UP AND FUCK ME!” she said, turning around to face him before mounting him again and guiding his cock right back into her juicy cunt. Arnie looked up at the gorgeous face he had desired for so many years, transformed by a grimace of pure lust and aggression. “I’m all yours tonight…"she said, positioning her hands on the mattress to the sides of Newton’s head so that her exquisite breasts dangled just above his mouth while she pushed her hips against him over and over again, riding his cock like the world was about to end. "FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR PRETTY DISNEY GIRL! FUCK YOUR LITTLE DISNEY WHORE!”

He grabbed a handful of her hair with one hand and made her suck his middle finger before pushing it abruptly into her asshole. She gasped, her body flinched, and a long silent scream lived and died inside her heaving chest until the walls of her anus widened enough for the intruding finger to go past them.

“What happened? Why did you stop?” he asked when Selena stopped moving her hips. Slowly she raised her head and looked at the ceiling. “I– I’M– I’M GONNA CUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!” She cried out, shaking uncontrollably. He grinned and thrusted his cock and finger up at the same time and Selena’s eyes rolled to the back of her head. With her mouth agape she started trembling and buried her long nails into his shoulders as the powerful orgasm took control of her young body. The petite whore started crying with delight, unconcerned for the prying ears of Janick’s guests or the fact that she had lost one of her big hoop earrings and made a mess of the ponytail bun she had spent so much time perfecting. With a second wind that surprised even himself, Arnie grabbed her by the hips and started jackhammering her drenching, contracting pussy as hard and fast as his old, tired body would allow.

“Cum inside me, Arnie…” Selena whispered, almost completely out of breath, her head resting on his chest while the rest of her sweaty physique rattled with every forceful thrust of her client’s cock, jam-packed with every last bit of strength and speed his advance age allowed him to muster. “Fill me. Cum in my pussy, cum in my ass. Wherever you want to. Do whatever you want with me.” She kissed his chest and he finally exploded while buried in her. With her eyes closed, Selena relished the twitching of her client’s cock between her own spasming walls as it emptied his balmy load deep inside her. She waited for him to finish filling her up and then reached back and grabbed the base of his softening member. When she pulled it out of her a thick lump of white goo dripped out of her gaping pussy and she started using his meat as a brush to get some of the white goo around her asshole, purring like a kitten in his ear.

“Ooh, I love how it feels…” she said, still out of breath.

“Fuck, I can’t believe I finally did it!” He said, looking at the ceiling exhausted. “I fucked you, after all these years…”

“Did you like it?” She asked shyly.

“Let me get a good look at you before I go…” The man pushed her off of him, laid her back on the sweat-stained sheets and stared at her from above. Selena opened her legs for him and giggled at the sight of his flaccid meat already starting to grow again because of her.

“Goddammit, that kid Bieber is so fucking lucky. He gets to do this whenever he wants, huh?”

“You’d be surprised,” she told him, grabbing his cock and feeling it hardening in her hand as she stroked it slowly and rubbed the tip against her cum-drenched pussy lips. “I think he’s more interested in selling me than touching me.”

“You could leave with me, you know. I would treat you like a queen…”

“Don’t you mean like a Disney princess?” she teased, jerking her hips up to rub her swollen clit against his semi-hard prick.

“Exactly. The point is, you don’t have to go back to him.”

“Oh, Arnie, that’s really sweet of you but I do. I have to.”

“Well, that’s a shame, he doesn’t deserve you.”

“I know.”

“So, when will I see you again?”

“That’s really not up to me…”

The older man reached for her discarded panties and smelled them. “Can I keep these?”

“Of course,” she told him with a cute, short laugh. “But first…”

Selena took the mesh thong from him and brought it down to her labia. With her eyes fixed on him she grabbed his hand and she helped him push the soft undergarment inside, making her moan softly as his fingers managed to stuff the sexy lingerie between her pussy lips until only the small white tag was peaking from her gaping little pink hole. The latina whore could see how turned on her client was, fully erect again and waiting for her to finish him. She grabbed the edge of the tag and pulled the thong out of her, drenched in her female juices and his cum. Without a word she looked into his eyes, held the panties right up to her face and wrapped her luscious lips around a big lump of cum about to fall off from them. “Mmmm!,” she moaned after swallowing it. Newton shook with excitement and Selena giggled and blushed, covering her reddened face for a moment before asking, “Did you like that?”

“Fuck yes…” the man replied, desperately stroking his meat.

“Come closer,” she said, adjusting her position until her back was resting on the headboard, her legs still wide open for him, sweat dripping from her lovely B-cup breasts down to her tight abs and creamy thighs. He stood up next to the bed and the former Disney princess reached for his cock, “I wish that you would’ve fucked me when I was sixteen…” she confessed suddenly and with a few strokes and a quick flick of the tongue right on the tip she had him ejaculating again, this time she held her wet panties under and caught most of the new load on them.

“I don’t usually do this but… I wanted thank you for a great night.”

Selena dragged her tongue over her dirty underwear and lapped up most of Arnie’s cum mixed with her own cream and juices. She stuck out her tongue to show him the mucky prize she’d collected before swallowing it with one gulp. The taste was bitter and unpleasant but the look on her client’s face was worth it. After licking and ingesting the last remnants of cum she gave a completely worn-out Arnie one last kiss on the lips and left him resting on the bed, clutching the thong in his hands like a small boy does with a teddy bear.

Selena sat on the bed and looked at the sweaty prostitute staring back at her from the closet mirror. Hair was a mess, same for her makeup and she was missing one earring.  Her legs were still shaking a little bit and the clear shine of wiped cum was unmistakable all over her inner thighs and her now damp and sticky strip of pubic hair. She noticed a tiny drop of cum peeking out from her pussy and felt ashamed of herself again. The effects of the alcohol were completely gone and she was starting to come back to her senses. She slid one finger between her labia to get rid of the cum, sighing and quivering as the last echoes of her ecstasy reminded her of what she had just done.

“Do you think anybody heard us?” She said, putting her dress back on.

Half-asleep already, he mumbled, “No way they didn’t… you screamed so much…”

“Fuck,” she whispered, trying in vain to make herself presentable again. She knew that everyone had seen her leave with Newton’s hand on her butt, and that surely Magda Chen would inform the few who didn’t. Going out in her current, disheveled state would only confirm their suspicions that she had bailed on all those important people from the industry to go fuck a tired, drunk executive from a kid’s network she had outgrown several years ago. But, again, there was nothing she could do. Better for them to see her like that than her own family.

Her client started snoring when she was about to leave the room, clutching her dirty panties with the same vehemence as he did when he was still awake. Selena Gomez took one last look in the mirror and ran her fingers through her dark hair and found a thin rope of jizz she had almost forgotten about. Without giving it too much thought she wiped it away and left the room, sucking her fingers clean as she returned to the party.