5 Interesting World News Stories

If you’re interested in learning about some of the latest world news stories continue reading to discover 5 world news stories, which are making international headlines.

5 Interesting World News Stories:

1. A horrifying video has just been released which shows a South Korean pastor beating her followers

A shocking video has just been released which shows a self-proclaimed pastor and cult leader beating her followers in Fiji. Pastor Shin Ok-Ju is a cult leader who convinced 400 of her followers to move from South Korea to the island nation of Fiji, which is located in the South Pacific, as she claimed that a famine would sweep through South Korea.

Pastor Shin Ok-Ju and high ranking members of her church are now being prosecuted by the South Korean police after a 70-year-old man died after receiving a brutal beating inside Pastor Shink Ok-Ju’s church.

2. 40% of British nationals believe that multiculturalism undermines British culture

In a study which has just been released, 40% of British nationals who answered a survey about their beliefs, reported that they felt that multiculturalism undermines British Culture. A result which shocked the organizers of the survey which included ICM, Think Tank British Future and a prominent anti-racism organization Hope Not Hate.

Furthermore over a quarter of British nationals complained that the British government is accepting far too many immigrants and refugees from what they deem to be undesirable or dangerous countries.

3. US president Donald Trump announces that he is keen to attend a second summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jon Un

Us president Donald Trump has also announced that he and North Korean dictator Kim Jon Un are already in talks to meet at a second summit. Earlier in the year, the two world leaders met at a summit which was held on Sentosa Island, in Singapore.

The first summit was designed for the two leaders to talk about the possibility of North Korea putting a halt on its nuclear weapons programs, which the rest of the world see as being a huge threat to international security. In his recent announcement, Trump suggested that he’d be able to sway Kim Jon Un’s mind and convince the dictator to cease manufacturing nuclear weapons.

4. French president Emmanuel Macron criticized for not taking unemployment seriously

French president Emmanuel Macron was criticized for telling an unemployed gardener who could not get a job, that he’d easily be able to find a job if he searched for a job in another sector and became a builder or a waiter.

As France’s unemployment rates have risen in recent years, many of France’s citizens were appalled by Macron’s comments and believed that Macron is out of touch with the harsh realities which many French citizens face on a day to day basis. As a result of Macron’s highly publicized comments, Macron’s approval rating has fallen substantially.

5. New Australian prime minister Scott Morrison professes his admiration for Donald Trump

After his predecessor was removed from his position as the prime minister of Australia by his political party Australia’s new prime minister Scott Morrison has professed his admiration for Donald Trump. Who he calls a practical, driven leader.

Hopefully, after reading the above news stories you feel thoroughly informed when it comes to the latest world news.