The Latest Demi Lovato News Stories

If you’re a Demi Lovato fan and are interested in what’s going on in her life, simply continue reading to discover the latest Demi Lovato news stories, including new information on Demi’s recent overdose.

The latest Demi Lovato news stories:

1. A man reporting to be Demi Lovato’s drug dealer talks to the media about Demi’s recent overdose

Roughly one the month after her life-threatening overdose, which made international headlines a man claiming to be her drug dealer Brandon Johnson told the media that Demi was 100% aware about the risks associated with the drugs which she overdosed on.

Johnson claimed that he warned Lovato that the pills he sold her were not standard pharmaceutical pills and were aftermarket pills, which were laced with fentanyl and which far stronger than the pharmaceutical pills which she frequently consumed in the past.

Johnson has previously been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, possessing cocaine and being in possession of unlicensed firearms.

2. Brandon Johnson, Demi’s alleged drug dealer hints that he and Demi shared an intimate relationship

Brandon Johnson also strongly hinted in a media interview that he shared an intimate relationship with Demi Lovato. A claim which Johnson could not back up.

3. According to Johnson, he left Demi alone in her home, after she passed out from the drugs which he had supplied her with

Johnson also reported that Demi frequently would pass out on drugs and that he left her alone, in her house passed out, unaware that this time Demi would end up in hospital fighting for her life. According to Johnson, the two would often take drugs together in Demi’s home and Johnson like always left Demi’s home around 7 pm on the night which was rushed to hospital, in a critical condition.

4. Demi Lovato is shocked by fellow musician Mac Miller’s tragic death

After being close to death’s door as a result of her own overdose, Demi Lovato is reportedly shaken by the reality that she too could have died as a result of her overdose. As although Demi was aware of the risks which she took, consuming drugs on a regular basis, Demi wasn’t seriously concerned about the possibility of dying from an overdose.

However after Mac Miller passed away from an overdose at the tender age of 26, Demi was given a wake-up call, to change her lifestyle for the better, so that she wouldn’t meet such a tragic fate as Mac Miller.

5. Selena Gomez has reached out to Demi Lovato to provide support in private

In a recent interview, Selena Gomez who first became friends with Demi as children, when the two actors met on the set of Barney and Friends, revealed that she had reached out to Demi following her overdose but on a private platform.

6. One month after her overdose Demi Lovato is healthy and on the road to recovery

After checking herself back into rehab following her overcome, Demi Lovato’s friends and family members have reported that the young singer is well on the way towards recovering from her drug addiction.

While most of the news stories surrounding Demi in the past month have been worrying, it won’t be long till positive stories about Demi’s new projects start to make headlines again.