The Latest Selgomez News

Whether you grew up watching Selena Gomez play Alex Russo on the hit Disney show “The Wizards of Waverly Place” or you’ve recently become a fan of Selena Gomez simply continue reading to discover the latest Selena Gomez related news.

The latest Selgomez news:

1. Selena Gomez’ on again, off again boyfriend marries another woman

Selena first dated Justin Bieber in 2010, since which the two have continued to date on and off and both Selena and Justin have penned multiple songs about each other. Selena’s tracks “The Heart Wants What It Wants”, “Back to You” and “If You Want It Come and Get It”, are all thought to be inspired by her relationship with Justin.

As recently as March 2018, the two songbirds were still going strong and were Instagram official, sharing date night photos with their adoring fans. However just a few months later Justin Bieber has tied the knot with his new girlfriend Hailey Baldwin. Who happens to be the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, who is the brother of Alec Baldwin. The two are set to have tied the knot in a secret, private courthouse wedding.

Justin’s surprise wedding, four months after he was spotted dating Selena is said to have come as a huge shock for Selena. However just after the news of Justin’s engagement broke out, Selena was photographed enjoying a boat ride with her friends in Sydney, Australia.

2. Selena reveals that she’s excited about the possibility of singing in a Bollywood movie

Selena never fails to surprise her fans. Just this month Selena was asked by a reporter if she’d be interested in singing in a Bollywood film in the future. Selena revealed that while she hadn’t previously considered appearing or singing in a Bollywood film, she would be totally up for the challenge and thinks it would be beautiful experience to sing in a Bollywood film.

3. Selena makes a stand against her haters during a New York Fashion Week appearance

Selena was keen to show her haters that her hate wouldn’t affect her confidence by wearing sparkly barrettes in her hair in the shape of hateful words which have been thrown at her in the press and by Instagram haters. As an example, Selena wore a barrette which spelt ugly, in reference to Stefano Gabbana’s comment about one of Selena’s photos earlier in the year.

4. Selena breaks her Instagram record for likes on a single photo

This month Selena managed to accumulate a whopping 10.692 million likes on a casual photo which she posted of herself posing with a cocktail. Previously Selena’s most liked Instagram photo was a picture of herself and one of her best friends Francia Raisa lying in side by side hospital beds after Raisa donated one of her kidneys to Selena, who suffers from Lupus and whose kidney was failing. Selena’s new record-breaking photo is now the 13th most liked photo on Instagram.

So if you’re a SelGomez fan make sure to continue to stay up to date with the latest Selena Gomez news stories.