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rare music video by selena Gomez 10 January 2020

I know that I’m special and I’ll bet there’s somebody else out there to tell me I’m rare.

loose u to love me 2019 music video


Selena Gomez released the music video for her new song Lose You to Love Me this week and I’ve got all the details. Lets start with this sexy yet elegant ensemble. Click on “Keep Reading”. 

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Get the look:

look at her now 2019 

what my t a k i t a k i wants, my t a k i t a k i gets, uh

I’ve been running through the jungle, I’ve been running with the wolves to get to y o u

Selena Gomez ties up her tongue, melts down in the kitchen, bites into glass, and holds a candlelit dinner for herself. When you’re watching, a sense of unease hits: Where is this all going? Is she going to be OK? Are we going to be OK? Did I just break and enter? Am I allowed to be watching this? It’s obvious that it’s not a man behind the camera. It’s two young women in control, choosing to display what they see as beautiful – a female gaze.
“If a guy shot ‘Fetish’, I bet it would look way more sexual. That’s what I love about how [Petra Collins] captured my breakdown moments – it’s shown to the viewer as creepy and I honestly think that there are some guys out there who would make those moments more sexy than it was or should be.”

Selena Gomez & Petra Collins discuss the music video for Fetish