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Hello Selenators!! We are currently looking for ACTIVE members to help us out with the blog! Please make sure you read all of the text below carefully as they are very important.

If you don’t get accepted i want you to know it’s nothing personal. But we mostly accept everyone who applys, make sure to send link of your edits/gifs because that’s the most important thing, without that you can’t enter the blog.


  •      One application per person please.
  •      Your application is kept private and will only be seen by the admins of this blog.
  •        If we don’t contact you within the 24 hours means you’re not        accepted
  •        Reblogs from other sources are not allowed.
  •       If you read the rules your code is: revival

Fill the application form this way:

  •        Name:
  •        Age:
  •        Time Zone:
  •        Link to your edits and gifs: (must answer)
  •        What program you use for editing?:
  •        Why would you like to join:
  •        Your email so we can link you if we accept you:
  •        How often can you post?:
  •        Are you a member of any other blogs?:
  •        Code(read the rules):

Copy the questions and send it in our ask! 🙂